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Western Herbalism

What is Herbalism?
Herbalism is the use of plants for food and medicine, and has been practiced around the world for centuries. Modern herbalism utilizes the scientific understanding of physiology, nutrition and phytochemistry and incorporates it with historical and traditional uses of plants.
A well trained herbalist will have a background in the proper use of herbal supplements, understand herbal safety including possible herb/drug interactions, and be able to provide recommendations for quality herb or supplemental products. An herbalist's goal is to look at the whole person, not a disease, and provide supportive alternative options to improve or maintain health and wellness via diet, customized herbal formulations or lifestyle changes.


What are the benefits of seeing an herbalist?

A qualified herbalist can assist you in developing natural habits and solutions that:

  • regulate and improve digestion, increasing absorption of vitamins and minerals from food

  • support cardiac activity

  • increase immune system functionality to allow the body to better fight against every day infections

  • improve sleep

  • reduce the impact of hormone imbalance such as PMS, menopause or decreased libido

  • provide assistance with stress related impact on the body

  • assist the body in combating inflammation in joints, muscles or skin conditions

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