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Services & Fees

Initial Consultation Package - $175
(2 sessions)

The initial consultation package consists of two sessions. During the first consultation, the herbalist and client will cover the client's health history, habits & lifestyle, areas of concern, and the desired outcome. The goal of this consultation is not only to look at current symptoms, but to take a step back and evaluate all possible root causes. Depending on the level of detail needed, this first session could be up to 90 minutes. Afterwards, the herbalist will evaluate different options based on the client's preferences and create formulas if needed.


The second session will be held to discuss the possible approaches and establish a formal plan. During this visit, recommendations will be made that could include dietary changes, supplements, personalized herbal formulations and or lifestyle adjustments. All recommendations will be made with the goal of client success, so honest dialog about expectations and capabilities will always be encouraged and plans adjusted accordingly.

Follow Up Consultations

After the initial consultation, follow up appointments will need to be scheduled to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of any personalized formulas or lifestyle changes. In the beginning, these follow ups will be recommended every 2-3 weeks. As situations change and health goals are realized, the need for follow up appointments can decrease and therefore the frequency may change to every 6-8 weeks.

40 min - $40

60 min - $80

Custom Herbal Formulations

The need of each client is unique, so customized formulas may be created to help the client achieve their health goals. Typical formulas could be in the form of tincture, tea, powder, topical or occasionally pill form. Costs for these formulas will vary, but whenever possible, multiple options will be presented to help the client find something that will best fit their needs and budget.

We work with a few different suppliers and herbal dispensaries depending on the formula created. For convenience, clients are welcome to create an account with the Herbal Dispensary of Maryland University of Integrated Health. 


Phone: (410) 888-9048 ext. 6676


* Herbalists are not medical professionals and therefore we are unable to accept medical insurance. 

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