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"A weed is a plant whose virtue is not yet known" - R.W. Emerson


Welcome to Herbal Roots Therapeutics! We are a personalized health and wellness solutions provider.

Looking for personalized natural health and supplement recommendations? Want a healthier lifestyle but need some guidance or a support partner?


With so much information available about health and nutrition it is easy to feel confused, overwhelmed or frustrated.


Every person is unique and wellness options should be tailored to you!


At Herbal Roots Therapeutics, we work with you to understand your current health status, diet and general lifestyle to identify meaningful changes that match your goals and provide you with a successful foundation for change.

"It's not about what it is, it is about what it can become" - Dr. Seuss

Health and Wellness Consultations


Personal consultations ​are available by appointment and are flexibly scheduled to include evenings and weekends. Appointments can be scheduled as virtual video chat, by phone or in person when available.

Customized Plans and Formulas

Depending on your identified goal, we can create customized herbal blends, make supplement recommendations, or help you with a lifestyle or diet change.

Meet Corina


As a practitioner of Western Herbalism, my goal is to help clients achieve better health and wellness through diet, traditional herbal remedies, vitamins & supplements, and overall lifestyle changes. I have a firm belief that we all need to become our own health advocate, and learn to use all of the tools at our disposal to stay healthy. One way to do that is to use traditional herbal methods as holistic support where appropriate, as well as in conjunction with modern medicine.​

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